JETCLASS creates exclusive conversions to vans designed for luxury transportation of high-end travellers. Professionally designed and manufactured by specialists, each van is individually hand-built and tailor-made to your requirements for the finest in luxury VIP or business transportation. The use of superior materials ensures quality through craftsmanship, combining modern techniques with traditional skills.


Vehicles can be personalised to your individual preferences. Configuring a personalised van offers many possibilities. The Design Studio can make your vision a reality by assisting you in choosing and combining various materials and colour combinations for the interior finish of your choice. The use of Leather, Alcantara, Wood Veneer and Chrome details add to the quality and impression of your van.


Satellite TV, video conferencing, Wi-FI, high-end audio and more are at your command with a one-touch control panel. Lighting, climate and window shade controls are also at your fingertips. Specific amenities based on your requirements could include state-of-the art fridge compartment, coffee station or whiskey bar – whatever your choice of drink. 


At JETCLASS we understand the importance of a luxury experience as well as the paramount importance of safety. We offer protection up to level B4 (bulletproof protection for handguns up to .44 Magnum and anti-hijack solution that offers protection, for example, against brick throwing) to ensure not only a pleasurable ride but also peace of mind. 

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